Visualize Your Voice In Real Time

NoteMatcher graphs the exact frequency of your voice onto the screen as you sing into your device's microphone. It has a built-in audio player to let you sing along and monitor your accuracy.

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Show Instead Of Tell

Help your students really see where their voice needs improvement.

You don’t have to rely on trying to explain where they went off key and by how much. Show them with precision.

Interactive Homework

Using our intuitive MIDI editing tools, you can compose any desired note sequence and share it with your students.

There are already generated scales as well for your convenience.

Prevent Bad Habits

Prevent the formation of bad habits when you are not around to coach your students.

Instead of singing into the abyss, they will be given the power of instant feedback.

Perfect Your Melodies

Use the audio editing tools to draw in any melody you want to perfect. The MIDI playback enables you to sing along and hone in on areas that need the most attention.

Discover Your Vocal Range

Erase all of the MIDI notes and sing your heart out. You may be surprised at how good you sound and the notes that you can nail.

Pitch Matching

Use one of our built-in scales or a drawn-in note sequence you can practice note matching.

Try and keep your voice as steady as possible. The more your notes fall within the green area the better. Make sure to keep an eye on how fast you hit the note!

How It Works

Use the Music Editor to Compose Note Sequences.

The core of this application is pitch matching based singing practice. We want to make it as easy as possible to practice singing along to any note sequence imaginable.

To do this we provide a simple drag based editor. Using the Pencil tool, you can resize notes, drag them through time, and draw in new notes. The Eraser tool is there to let you clear out unwanted ones.

Hit Record and Start Belting

You will notice colorful dots being drawn on the screen. That is your voice!

Try your hardest to keep the dots within the green center of a note. If they are in the green then you are nailing it. The yellow means you’re a bit off and the red means you are way off. Try to keep your voice steady and stay on the green for the entire duration. It’s harder then it looks!